In a colleagues recent PDR, a letter dated 2002 was referenced to on several occasions, the letter in expressly states it should be held for a period of 3 months. Many of the points raised were irrelevant but gave my colleague the impression that this letter was being used to tarnish their reputation.

One point highlighted repeatedly was during a departmental meeting in 2002, my colleague made several valid points however, not very tactfully for which apologies were made and the matter was left to rest.(at that time performing managerial duties and their own duties without any support)

In a recent meeting the colleague again raised several key points which are supported, but which do not sit with the line managers point of view. It was raised in the PDR that my colleague, had been aggresive in the manner in the way he presented his opinions. I myself was present in the meeting and do not support the line managers stance.

Indeed the memnber of staff has several witnessed and signed documents stating that the line manager on several independant occaisions has spoken with intent to obstruct any career development opportunity, on the ground of personal bias.

Is their grounds for removal of this document? could the member of staff have gounds for an offical grievance or possible constructive dismissal case.

Matthew Nicholls