My department has been going through lots of changes, change of managers, and an integration with another 2 training departments – this has happened over the last an 18 months. During this time, A training freeze and recruitment freeze occurred, no training happened and so my job tasks changed, I was given HRD/training development work to do rather than administration, this proved successful and I was given a small promotion to training assistant. Then we had a new manager and my job changed again and I was given the job of employee development specialist, and have been doing it for about 9 months now -At my appraisal in October, I asked my boss if there would be any pay alignment and he said it was out of his hands. I am beginning to feel rather agrieved by this as I am doing the same jobs as at least 5/6 people in my department, we have the same job titles, (my job titles have changed but my salary does not match that of my counterparts) they are paid about £15,000 more than me and have car allowance – do I have a case for equal pay (even if I am still very junior to my colleagues in this position). Can anybody advise me on how to put a case for equal pay forward – that is, if they think I might have one.

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