We have a problem with a member of staff and their attendance record.

Essentially the main issue causing friction is that there seems to be no commitment from her to the company. i.e. no phone calls to tell us that they’re ill or when we can expect them to be in, no offer to work alternative days etc

The so far this year she has was off with sickness, flu and then depression. On the basis of capability issues, we agreed that the employee would return to work on a part time basis, with a change of role so that she wasn’t customer facing. Last week we granted a weeks leave at very short notice to allow her to sort out some personal issues. Now she is off again with an infection.

The general feeling is this is now ridiculous and that she is unreliable and not committed but I’m not sure what grounds we have, if any, for dismissal? The rest of the staff get annoyed because they feel that it is her own fault that she is ill because she doesn’t eat properly. She tends to just have a cigarette at lunchbreak and even though the others offer her food she won’t take it. They also feel that by her not turning up she is letting them down as well as us because they have to

Please can anybody advise?
Anna Hoskins

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