Hi there,

This may be a really daft question and something that happens all the time at other companies, it’s a first for me though!

We’ve offered a position to someone who has been taking several years of qualifications which has been partly self funded, but latterly by her present employer.

For the last year’s course that has been paid by her current employer, she’s come back to us saying she may have to repay some of the fees to her employer when she leaves.

She’s then asked if we offer study support. I’ve gone back to her and confirmed we’d be happy to offer future study support to her but just asking her to clarify whether she’s asking us to help her with the money she may have to reimburse or not.

If she comes back and says this is what she’d like us to consider (it’s not altogether clear from the message she left) is this is a reasonable request?

Obviously we’ll be benefitting from her having the academic skills attained but should we be looking to help with any monies that she may have to pay back?

Thank you.
Antonia Harrison