Hi Can anyone help,

I had worked over by 1.5 hrs the previous night and was due for my half day the following day. I came into work on the morning of my afternoon off i ended up staying untill 2pm due to work commitments. I have since asked for the time back as i do not get paid over time, and was told flat out that i have commitment issues, and due to the fact my sick time was high (only a week this year) that i should really adjust my attitude!!!!
Despite working late and not putting it on my time sheet and generally bending over backwards some times.

I’m really upset that this could be said to me by someone i help out a hell of a lot. I admit i should have taken him to one side, but i asked him out right with wittnesses present. I want to take this further as there are other issues i have had with this guy and not raised with management.

Can some one advise me??
Jennie Platt