I’m looking for an off-the-shelf solution for an HR database/ HRIS to replicate our personnel files, that doesn’t cost the earth.

The database will need to hold up to 5,000 records, have approx. 20 shared users, and be installed in 3 different sites, and have some basic personnel reporting capabilities. An alternative, if cheaper, would be to have 3 separate databases, one for each of the 3 regional sites, with about 7 users per site.

I used to use Vizual Personnel Manager, which was a reasonable basic database (albeit slightly restrictive on the reporting side, with a fairly complicated and non user friendly reporting system if you wanted to design your own reports). The Vizual system used to cost around £600 or so including a few licences. However, Vizual are quoting several thousands of pounds for a suitable system.

Can anyone recommend a simple and user friendly system which will fulfil the above requirements and costs well under £10k??!!!!

Appreciate your help!
Linda Parrott