I would like to enquire if anyone is aware of any mechanism to permit a firm to state on a job specification that the position requires full-time working?

I know this is a tricky area legally, and that you cannot detract from an individual’s right to request flexible working; however, in a situation where 3 senior Directors are now working a 3 day week, they are not on-site sufficiently to provide the necessary element of customer service and consistancy, causing problems for the firm.

I suspect it will not be possible to change these arrangements already in place; however, I’d like to know if there is any way at all to state full-time required on the specification for anyone going into the same post in future.

I don’t want to contravene any employment legislation, so is there any kind of mechanism which allows you to state this with a fair and justifiable reason?

Any comments appreciated.

Many thanks,

Gary Jackson