I have a knee problem and work as a postman. I am classified as 14% disabled and was given a round to suit my needs which included no more than 3 hours walking. Due to recent changes in the company my round has been changed and I have been told all rounds are now 3 1/2 hours. I went from full time to part time after the last bout of company changes and have argued that I have done my part and now, 4 years later, the goalposts have been moved. My manager has said if I can’t do 3 1/2 hours walking then there is no job for me in the office I work at (5 minutes from where I live) and they will look to move me elsewhere in the company. AM I covered under DDA as they have taken away something I can do and replaced it with something I am phsically unable to do?
John Cossins

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