Hi All,

Please could somebody help me with my query below?  Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Recently I was offered a new job in an organisation I currently work for.  The job is a promotion and the salary is a scale, so from x amount to x amount per annum (to account for yearly increments).

Due to the fact that I am internal, normally you are placed on the bottom point of the new salary, unless you are already earning more than the bottom point, due to there being overlap between the scales.  I don’t currently earn more so my original job offer was therefore the bottom point of the new scale.  The job offer in letter form did not request me to accept this offer, nor did the second job offer, as it stated a change form would be completed when in post.

The day after I was verbally offered the job, I simply enquired whether some consideration could be given regarding which point I enter the  new salary scale on, as I have witnessed this before with internal candidates, and also to take into account overtime I have been recently working.  My new line manager contacted our HR department and asked if that was possible.  The new line manager was advised by HR that such consideration could be given, provided a senior manager could confirm current work experience that demonstrates you are working at that level already.  A manager I currently work with was happy to provide this information in written form and the new line manager advised this was sufficient, therefore a revised job offer letter was received from HR stating a higher starting salary.  I also have emails from the line manager stating the new department is happy to honour the new offer.

I have now received a new letter from HR stating that the most recent job offer is being withdrawn and that the original offer still stands and that I need to accept this offer in order for my start date to be agreed.  This start date has already been agreed between myself and my new line manager though and I am currently serving my notice period for my existing job!  I have no contract, apart from the original contract I was issued when I joined the organisation 5 years ago and this will be my fourth position in the organisation.

Can anybody advise me where I stand in this situation?  I feel aggrieved that I was advised supporting information would help and now it appears this cannot be taken into account.  I also am disappointed to have received an offer that has been withdrawn.  If I was told no in the first place, this would have been acceptable to me and would have been an end to the matter.  Obviously I want to accept the new job regardless and I am grateful for the opportunity, but am just wondering if anything can be done?

 Many thanks in advance.