My friend went through a restructure 2 years ago and had his salary safeguarded for three years (until April 2009)after which his salary would be reduced by £7K a year. The school now intends to restructure again – 2 years later and the position which fits my friend’s current job description the best (except that manmanagement has been taken away) would mean that the salary offered is £15K less than the present (safeguarded) salary.
* Is it legal to restructure before the safeguard is finished?
* With a descrpency of £15K does that mean the position is redundant?
* If made redundant, is my friend entitled to one year’s wages of the safeguarded salary?
* The County Council has hinted at the possibility of an enhanced pension should my friend opt for early retirement – but his Union says that this is illegal (because it discriminates against the ‘Under 55’s’ – is the Union right?
* The union has pointed out to school/ county Council that a restructure is illegal because the school is NOT in financial difficulty – However, the restructuring is going ahead. What should be the next step?
* Would anyone advice taking on an expert in employment law to ensure the best/fairest ‘deal’ possible?
Thank you in advance.
Connie Wind

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