I’m currently researching for a white paper on how businesses make the link between their brand promise and the people throughout the business who actually deliver it. For example when a business rebrands or publishes brand values how do they go about ensuring that the conversations in stores/over the phone/with customers reflect the positive qualities promised in the advertising?! Could anyone point me to in-house marketing or HR people who might be willing to be telephone interviewed on this topic?

Specifically, I’m looking for either marketers or HR professionals in businesses which have a major service element e.g. telco companies or banks. Three of the six mobile phone operators have already signed up, alongside a number of other high street players and all interviewees will be invited to a round table discussion after the white paper is published so it should be a really worthwhile exercise for all contributors. I’ve run several research projects of this nature in the past with great feedback from interviewees.

It would be wonderful to hear from anyone who is involved linking people to the brand in their own business or who could refer me to one of their contacts in a business which is going through this process. I would need 15 minutes of their time to conduct a qualitative telephone interview and they would have full edit/amend/veto rights on any insights we intend to attribute to them in the white paper.

Many thanks in advance – I appreciate that this is a big ask!

Carrie Bedingfield

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