I started working for a company 17th September, it hasn’t worked out for me as I thought and i feel i have made a backward step so yesterday I handed in my notice (15th November).

My contract states 3 months notice and there is no probationary period. I have requested I leave at the end of the year which is 6 weeks notice which for the time I have been here I feel is a good offer, however my boss has told me no as it will take at least 3 months to find my replacement.

I know if i leave it will be breach of contract but i really don’t want to work an additional 3 months, as i have only been here a short period i’m not involved in any projects and i am still getting my head around the processes that are currently in place.

I know they can sue for costs but would they really?? I can’t see them being able to get anything as…

1, I am paid 1k a year more than the bracket they were offering when advertised, so my wage is the high end and a good saving when I leave.
2, I came from an agency so they would probably get some of that fee back.
3, The position was vacant for a period before i started and they didn’t have anyone filling in the role on a temp basis then.

I want to be able to leave at the end of the year and not prolong the agony

Can anyone offer me advice??