I am confronted by a serious challenge as an HR Manager.I have a department that excels in service delivery due to the foresight of its leader.This department gets first class result in the whole organisation every year.The only problem is that this department is the only one with the highest staff turnover. I conduct exit interview but the employees do not want to divulge the real reasons for leaving the organisation. I often have to refer most of these employees to our Employee Assistant Programme Practioner for various health complaints,related to stress,job dissatifaction, request for transfer to other departments etc,but they are careful not to divulge anything to me because I happen to be heading the Labour Relations of the organisation as well. As you would understand that where you are dealing with Engineers and other Professionals it is not easy to transfer these type of employees because of the specialistion of their functions.I have discussed with the manager concerned on numerous occasion about the above issues and she would look me in the eye and ask what my problem was because she is achieving her targets and the exodus of staff is not her making because she does not dismiss the employees but they resign.
1. How can I pursuade employees to confide in me so that I can bring this high staff turnover to a stop?

2. How do I convince this effective and efficient manager to treat her staff with respect and empathy?

3. To me it seems this manager will do everything in her power to achieve her targets at what ever cost.

4. Is there any training that would change this managers’behaiour?

5. I am prepared to try anything to assist the employees, the manager as well as her department.

I would appreciate your advice.

Justice Mandhla

Justice Mandhla

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