I am currently a student at the University of Texas – Arlington. I am in need of an Interview with an International Company HR director. I had one lined up but received no feedback. If anyone has the chance to answer a few questions for me please see the following questions and email your reply to me at hrstudent@gmail.com
I appreciate any assistance provided. All personal information will be kept confidential.


Interview Questions for “How does the effect of different disciplinary actions and discharges vary in today’s global marketplace?”

1) Does your corporation implement the same discipline regardless of the title and position of that employee?
2) Is there an appeal process for any disciplinary action taken?
3) What are some of the most common situations for discipline or discharge that you have encountered in your experience with your corporation?
4) What type of Correction Action Plan does your corporation offer to its employees?
5) What is your procedure for dismissal exit interviews? Are the concerns voiced during those interviews investigated?
6) How have the disciplinary procedures evolved over the time you have been with the company?
7) What programs or ideas have you instituted to improve your disciplinary or discharge procedures?
8) Does your company have a “3 strike” stance to discipline?
9) Do you feel that your corporation is consistent with its discipline?
10) Is there a “Zero Tolerance” Policy for certain activities, if so what does this encompass?
11) What type of Training Programs does your company offer for employees with disciplinary problems?
12) Where do you see your policy and procedures for disciplinary and discharge measures heading in the next 5 years?
13) What changes would you like to see happen with your companies procedures?
14) What do you feel you could do to better with the program that you have now?
15) What do you feel your programs strengths and weaknesses are?
16) What is your policy for handling disgruntled employees?
17) How do you handle security for terminated employees?

Jennifer Miller