Just seen this in yesterdays Manchester Evening News (Law & You Feature: solicitor answers readers queries) :-


Q: I have just started work at a call centre but I’ve found a better job and want to leave. However I’ve signed a contract (which hasn’t been counter signed) stipultaing that if I leave within three months I will have to pay back the training fee, which is £400. I wonder if they can enforce this?

A: They probably can and possibly will, especially if you have been there long enough enough to deduct the amount from your final pay packet. They would be entitled to do this if your employment contract says they can. If they would have to take you to court for the £400 it’s possible they wouldn’t bother., but I don’t think you can rely on their inertia: they may want to send out a signal to others in your situation.


What does everyone think about this?
Paul Strickland

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