My mum is in the process of taking her old employer to court for being sacked for gross misconduct due to the employer claiming mum had a not disclosed something on her CRB check, which was a lie (I have explained all this in previous posts).
My mum has recently found a new job, she was honest about the CRB, which they accepted and offered her the job and she has since been on training days. However, she did not disclose about taking the previous employer to court as she did not think it was relevent as she had done nothing wrong. The manager from her old job promised mum a good reference and said she did not have to disclose anything to the new employer, which she has, and now the new employer has to talk to the owner to see if they can still employ mum.
This has got quite personal now, this manager has basically ruined my mums life because she’s a liar, my mum has no money coming in,she is a recovering alcoholic and started drinking again but sorted herself out for this new job, and her self esteem and confidence are rock bottom.

1 – Should the old employer have disclosed anything and can my mum actually see what was put on the reference? Or is this just a personal vendetta or sabotage?
2 – Should this have any effect on whether my mum is still employed by the new employer as she has now explained what is going on and this has nothing to do with the new job?
3 – Will this have any effect on the court case?

Lisa Robson