Can anyone help me out. I know this is slightly off the normal HR issues but I do need to find an answer.

I am currently reviewing my payroll services and our IT Director has this idea that anyone can run a payroll and all they need it a helpdesk service to advise them on legal issues of payroll. Like many people he has this idea payroll only takes five minutes and an admin clerk can do it in the five minutes she has got between doing the filing and the photocopying. I need to dispel this myth so that I can get the best solution possible.

I have tried the CIPD and the Instiute of Payroll Managers and so far no luck.

Has anyone got or can point me to a document to explain to him that it requires specialist knowledge. Whilst payroll is my responsibility it is more that 20 years since I did one so I need some help.

Please contact me on [email protected]

Many thanks

Iain Young

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