I am a caretaker for a small theatre in the North Wales area. The theatre I work for is in danger of closing and so I asked my line manager if I could try and put on a few events in an attempt to engage the local community and maybe help prevent the theatre from closing.
I have no experience of this but felt that, with the right help and guidance, this could end up being very successful.
As a result I put on a full summer music festival which started in June and finished this week. To make this work I did all the work myself, which included:
·         All the marketing
·         Going on local radio to promote
·         Working with local paper
·         Doing press launch
·         Working with a design company to create leaflets and banners
·         Delivering 10,000 leaflets by hand
·         Contacting music promoters and bands
·         Arranging for volunteers
·         Doing front of house
I arranged for some very big events all of which were relatively successful. The acts included: Mica Paris, the rat Pack, jazz night, under 16s club night, acoustic live nights and many more.
I have worked 60 hours a week since the beginning of June. However, I am only paid for 20 hours a week
I have had the permission of my line manager and board to do this but received no guidance, help, mentoring or leadership
My line manager did not pay any interest and did not come to any events to support my work. However, she is now claiming the work as her own
Now she has suspended me after all the work I have done. She claims I was drinking on the job, which is not true
Is there anything I can do about this. I am very upset and deflated. I have put an awful lot of effort in an attempt to save the theatre and this is the thanks I get
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