We operate a formal flex-time scheme for our employees. Until recently employees who worked part-time did so on a stright 0.5 of a full-timer, so giving pro-rata flex leave in accordance with the Scheme’s rules was easy. However, many employees are increasingly working a variety of hours e.g 60% or 70% of a FTE and are wanting an exact pro-rata of flex leave. Currently they get 0.5 entitlement (subject to needs of the business) irrespective of actual hours – our rationale in the past being that this is objectively justified under the Part-Tme Workers’ Regs.

Revisting the issue, our problem is that if we were to pro-rata leave exactly to the contractual hours of work, it would mean people taking time off in hours and minutes, which is disruptive to the business and not straightforward for managers to manage. We have considered rounding days up and down but this will give additional benefit only to a few. Advice on what others do will be be welcome.
Caroline Khong

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