I recently swapped jobs, from an insurance company to a major soft drinks manufacture. I work designing databases,employing temps and then auditing them. Analysing the results producing reports and feedback.

At the time it was my dream job, under paid, but I didn’t mind as it offered great prospects. During the interview I asked whether career development training was available. I was told “yes”.

Recently in the last couple of months a third member has joined the team. On the same wages but less capable. She got 5% in the test taken during the interview, but somehow was employed.

During this time I have asked to go on various Access and Excel courses. The answer to this was no we have to wait for x to get to the same standard as you.

Am I right in thinking that it is wrong to hinder someone elses career development, because other people are of a lower standard to them.

Is there anything I can do, after all I only switched jobs because of the career development (Supposidly on offer)

Miriam Gas