We made a few redundancies in Nov 07 based on restructuring and need to reduce headcount in a certain area. As a result a team of 4 was reduced to 3 and the work fairly distributed. Now one of the remaining em’ees has resigning leaving a team of 2. The backfil (back to 3 heads) has been approved and we are thinking about potentially re-employing the person we made redundant; this will reduce costs (recruitment) and they would be up to speed from day one (no training requirements). We have no formal policy about this and have rehired in the past. I would be interested in hearing others views about this as its only been 2mths since the redundancy. Not sure whether this makes a difference, although ‘redundancy’ the individual was in fact compromised out to speed up the process. I couldn’t find anything on HMRC about their views given the person received a tax-free payment. Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated.
Kind regards
Rachel Hayes
Rachel Hayes

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