My employer is reducing senior roles in my business area from 5 to 3. Two roles are being discontinued and merged into the remaining three positions.

I’ve been told my role will no longer exist after April, but my employer is saying there is no redundancy situation because suitable alternatives exists which they have the right to match me in to.

Of the three remaining roles, the one which most closely matches my current role comprises all of my current role plus c. a 40% increase in accountabilities acquired from the reduced roles. In addition, it is based in a location which is over two hours away from my home when my existing role is an hour away.

My employer is trying to say that the increase in accountabilities is irrelevant because the role has been evaluated at the same level. They are also trying to say the change of location is insufficient to make the role unsuitable for me.

Please can anyone help me with information about whether a role which is 40% bigger than my current role and over twice as far away from my home could be deemed a suitable alternative for me which I would have to take without the option of redundancy/trial period?

I am finding this situation very distressing.