I was made redundant on 18th August and given garden leave until 13th October 2006. This was after a review of processes by an outside contractor, the conclusion suggesting that my position was redundant.
As part of my consultation I was given a list of all roles available in the company, including ones I was clearly unqualified for (tanker driver – I am Financial Controller). The HR generalist informed me that this was a legal requirement.
I have now found out that my manager has resigned and is due to leave mid-December, however his replacement has already been appointed and is in fact the contractor who was employed to review Finance. I was not consulted as to this position or asked to apply. Surely there is an oblication for the company to at least inform me of the role and ask for me to apply if I wished.
Any comments on what I should/can do next.
Ann-Marie Vinnicombe

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