On calculating redundancy pay I understand that you have to give the statutory pay and contractual notice but can anyone please advise how part timers would be treated in these circumstance? For example we have a number of part time employees that may have worked here for 10+ years, 8 of which were full time and the last 2 as being part time. Their contracts have never been changed from their full time format as their letters offering part time work were flexible, in other words if the employee or company needed to amend this arrangement to suit either party then it could do so. Would you therefore calculate their weeks payment in lieu of notice based soley on the part time hours that they are currently working or can the history that they have worked with the company be taken into account? IE, would we assume that for 8 of the 10 years they worked a 39 hour week and therefore apply their weekly wage at 39 hours or do we purely say for the last two years they have worked 20 hours a week and apply this? Comments appreciated.
Many thanks.
kirsa edwards

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