Hello Board

I’m in the process of rolling out employee handbooks. We have a rough split of employees with half who have access to email at work and half who are factory floor employees without work email. There is no intranet at my company. With the above reasons in mind I feel it would be best to print the handbooks for the factory employees and email it in PDF format to employees with work email. I will be asking all employees to sign and return a receipt page indicating understanding and acceptance. Is there a better method of rolling out which doesn’t involve an intranet?

In light of all the legislation changes taking effect from April 09 and the changes I’m needed to make to the handbook even before it’s been issued, I’m also wondering how other personnel/HR people manage the logistics of keeping paper employee handbooks up to date. Does one issue an addendum sheet each time relevant legislation changes or is a quarterly update sheet which is signed for the best solution?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above.

Many thanks.

Julie Williamson-Cotton

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