Hi Everyone, a year ago I negotiated flexible working with my employer (I work 4 longer days Mon-Thurs and take Friday off) so I could help care for my parents. My Mother is now terminally ill and I will have to take on more responsibility. I already cook, clean, shop, garden etc. for them. I suspect I may have to give up work to do more and the company have already said no to shortening my hours further, and have asked me not to take time off unless it’s for e.g. an emergency admission to hospital for one of my parents. I have no savings to speak of and am the main wage earner at home. I am wondering if it might be possible, rather than resigning and getting nothing, to ask about a severance package, then start looking for a part-time job? I guess they can dismiss me anyway on grounds of capability if I start taking time off or getting ill with stress myself (I am already on medication for depression), but I suspect this might be long-winded and /or costly route for them which they may want to avoid?. I’ve been with the company 12 years. Does anyone have any general advice for me on the best approach? Many thanks