I have had an ongoing situation with my current employer – basically they tried to dismiss me on poor performance before Christmas and they were unsuccessful as I took out an internal grievance and this was upheld in my favour. My grievance was that they discriminated by not allowing me to have reasonable adjustments for my dyslexia as advised by access to work by a work based assessment some of these adjustments have been put in place not all the agreement was that when all were in place my extended probation will continue for three months.

But then four weeks after putting some adjustments in place the same supervisor has got me suspended from work. I believe he has put me in a position to fail by giving me work I was not trained to undertake. I have received my disciplinary hearing date along with evidence against me; after looking at the evidence provided I have already found inaccuracy as I have kept back up copies of my work although some of the allegations I cannot disprove as it appears they have spent some in depth time building a case against me. I have found an employment disability to represent me but one of my big concerns is this may damage my future employment record when going for a new career. I am not sure if to resign or fight this case. My wife feels I should and I don’t want to allow this to destroy my livelihood. Has anyone got views on this as this problem is now affecting my health I am suffering depression and losing weight and sleepless nights.

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