I have been asked by an employee to allow access to a website which would allow her to log in and view her young children during the day at their nursery.

IT have referred it to HR to make a judgement whether it is a valid request. There could potentially be an impact on the capacity of our network but if we consider it a vaild request, it could be trialled in a controlled mannar to review this. However, we would be concerned about setting a precedence as our IT policy state that internet access is for limited personal access only.

The website www.teletoddler.co.uk state that accessing teletoddler should not count as personal use because it is government policy to do as much as possible to help working parents (Most private companies also follow this policy).

I would like to know if this is true. Can anyone tell me if you do allow this or would allow it in principle should it be requested?
Alanna King

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