My daughter was called by the Temp agency, a temp job came up for her at this company & the Company wanted her to start the next day, so she did.

The company would need a to fill her temp position with a permanent person.

She applied & interviewed in Nov, the company offered her the permanent position and she accepted the full time permanent position with the company.

The company told her they would have to contact the temp agency to buy out her contract with the Temp agency. My daughter contacted the HR person & her direct boss about getting this going. They delayed this for over 30 days.
This is a small business, the was peoples kids sick , people on vaction etc. Last week my daughter again started to get people going on the job change for temp to full time perm.

Today the HR person calls my daughter into his office & says there are complaints and problems with her work.

He’s given her 2 choices, 1 she can stay on as a temp worker, or if they hire her as a perm she would be on probation. None if this was mention before? Any thoughts
Thank you

Robin Phillips

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