Hi everyone,
We have an employee who is off sick at present with a wrist injury that he claims he did at work. This employee is very accident prone and has had a number of accidents at work. These accidents are all investigated by our H & S team. Some of them are questionable. There are also a number of issues with this employee and we have had occasions to speak to him informally about a number of issues. To be honest he is a pain!
He is off sick at present and we have referred him to Occupational Health and he is waiting for a scan on his wrist. In the meantime we are left one man short on the production line.
We want to invite him in to a meeting as we have heard that he cannot do the job on the production line and is looking for another job. We have no other suitable job to offer him. Due to the fact that he has less than 12 months service, can be terminate his employment due to ill health and not being capable of doing the job? Any advice would be grateful.
Thank you
marie smith

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