Competition in the modern retail industry is getting increasingly tougher and start-ups are finding it harder to compete against already established businesses. But implementing the tips below will give you a better fighting chance by making your store more attractive to those in your target market as well as make you better capable of satisfying the needs of your customers.

  1. Make your merchandise more accessible

The arrangement of your store plays an important role in convincing customers whether to buy or walk away. For instance, a store that’s a mess of items arranged in no specific order can leave customers confused and even irritated. To avoid such, ensure all items on display are properly arranged into easily distinguishable categories. Also, make items on display easy to reach. According to design experts, from Slatwall Accessories “most customers will likely overlook products that are above their eye level and focus on products that are on hooks or shelves they can easily reach …” Thus, instead of piling your products sky high, ensure to keep all displays not higher than the average individual’s height and make sure your best products are prominently displayed.

  1. Be knowledgeable about products you sell

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many storeowners or clerks can’t answer important questions about what they sell. If you can’t talk knowledgeably about your products, how can you convince shoppers about ways they can benefit from said product? Thus, boost a shopper’s confidence about your products by having in-depth knowledge of what you are selling Your sale attendants or clerk should also be knowledgeable or at least be able to quickly refer a shopper to someone with the right information. The more information that’s possessed about a product, the easier it is to sway shoppers about how such a product can benefit their lives.

  1. Show enthusiasm about your products but don’t be pushy

When telling clients about why a product is a great choice, do it with enthusiasm. The more enthusiastic you sound about a product the more convincing your sales pitch will sound. But while sounding enthusiastic, avoid sounding overenthusiastic or too persistent as this can send your sales pitch from being convincing to sounding suspicious. You can hire sales staff that are truly keen about what you are selling. Such staff will have less trouble honestly convincing shoppers of how great they think a product is without sounding over the top.

  1. Stop overwhelming customers with options

You might think the more you offer a shopper the better but in actuality, too many options can confuse a customer and turn them away. To avoid this, limit the number of options you offer a customer to two or three when you are asked for a particular type of product. Less options make it easier for a shopper to make a decision and thus actually make a purchase.

  1. Assume the right body language

Your body language when you approach a customer can either convince or turn them off. The following postures have been proven to be more effective when trying to convince a customer;


  1. Choose your words carefully

When trying to make a sale, saying a single right sentence can win over a prospective client. But there are several phrases you are probably currently using in your retail store that are likely not getting you sales. Here are some of those phrases and more effective alternatives you should opt for;

Apply these tips today and look forward to your shoppers being more eager to shop with you.




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