How culture brainwashes us into mediocre ambitions

a lego figurine holding a large object on a yellow background, brainwashing

In contrast to people living under totalitarian regimes such as China, we in the West are free to make personal and business decisions. But how far are we brainwashed by old norms, new trends, social media algorithms and the values of others? And how does this limit our imaginations, and so what we achieve at work?

A summer of sport, the HR nightmare

soccer stadium during daytime: Euro football for HR

With the Euros having finished on Sunday and England scoring second place, it can be easy to overlook the many workplace issues that can arise whenever there is a major sporting event. Kate Palmer covers the lessons learned from the Euros 2024…

Labour Lessons: Symbolic actions to accelerate culture change

Culture change

As the Labour Party enters its second week in government, it’s clear that they have carefully chosen some of their early actions to symbolise a shift in government culture. How can you use symbolic changes to speed-up culture change in your organisation?

From micro-management to empowerment in five steps

person standing near body of water, empowerment

You may intend to empower your employees, but is this a daily reality or does micromanagement slip through the net? Andrew Loveless, Director of Pecan Partnership shares five ways to enable freedom and autonomy at work, everyday.

Revisiting the past to become better leaders under pressure

grayscale photo of wooden chair near window, back to past.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? An internaliser of an externaliser? Our childhoods affect who we become and even impact us as leaders. Leadership expert and consultant Nik Kinley and IMD Business School Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur discuss how we can better understand these tendencies to perform well under pressure.

Beyond Pride: What is next?

multicolored wall in shallow focus photography: pride DEI image

Another year’s Pride Month is done and dusted. Here is what Lior Locher and Dr Christy Allen recommend you do now to increase impact after key DEI initiatives.

Why there is a place for employers to use NDAs  

silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water: Why there is a place for employers to use NDAs

The government’s rejection of a ban on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in harassment cases was the right decision, say employment lawyers Laura Clark and Nick Hawkins at Knights. Now the focus needs to be on how they are used appropriately in the workplace.

Navigating the path to culture change: A comprehensive guide

Navigating the path to culture change

Embarking on a culture change journey requires courage, resilience, time and commitment. By embracing the ongoing expedition of growth and evolution, it’s possible to unlock potential and achieve lasting success. Here’s your guide to managing a successful culture change journey.

Deloitte 2024 Gen Z and Millennial Survey reveals purpose-driven generation

woman standing under blue sky: Are you harming your business by shunning purpose

According to Deloitte’s Gen Z and Millennial Survey, today’s younger employees are highly purpose driven. If we don’t provide opportunities for our employees to find personal meaning in what they do, we risk being unable to attract or retain purpose-driven people who willingly go over and above for the business.

An AI crossroads: Which path will you choose?

girl walking near trees: at an AI crossroads

We have reached a crossroads with artificial intelligence. If we choose the easy direction, AI will exacerbate societal ills. If, however, we take the more thoughtful and yet arduous path, AI might well enrich our lives. Quentin Millington navigates.

Are we taking employee wellbeing too far?

woman stretching on mountain top during sunrise: are we taking wellbeing too far?

With growing concerns about the impact of hybrid working on connection, team management and culture, is the focus on individual wellbeing being prioritised over that of the needs of organisations and customers?