We currently outsource a specific function to a third party processing company.

The original agreement provided a shared resource to both us and another Company(Company A), by the service provider.

The Service provider was subsequently bought by Company A, who made a strategic move to bring that element of their work back inhouse about six month ago.

We have now made a similar decision. Company A have dictated that we have a TUPE reponsibility, as they believe a couple of people within the current team who service our account, spend more than 50% of their time on our business alone. This has been measured by them over the last six months.

So far whilst we have not signed to say the move will happen we ar emerely debating the idea. Company A have ented consultation with the people in question and have given us the information above, therefore we are wanting to gain a balanced view as we are disputing their thoughts, but how do we go about measuring the work currently done for our account by those two individuals? Can we go back further than the six months to gain an average?


Cheryl Adams