An employee of ours has another job in the evenings working for a Care Home.
The impact of this is this employee comes to work for us the next day feeling the effects of lack of sleep.

i.e. They are not getting the 11 hour break in between shifts.

Can anybody cast some light for me on the regulations regarding rest periods and does this count if the employee chooses to work at another job?

We do have some concerns for our employee as the job that they do does carry a risk to other people if the employee loses concentration. I suspect that the second job also carries risk as it is in a care home.

We believe this employee has taken this second job for fiancial reasons (which again is their choice and good for them.)

How we should we approach this employee with our concerns for (a) their health implications and (b) that they do not bring the compnay into disrepute through a negligent act?


Alex Grundy