In a press article yesterday, John Timpson profiled a range of questions that had been put to him and colleagues over the years.Here’s a short selection. Have you got any little gems like this?

In the Midlands our manager Paul asked a young man what interested him about Timpson. He replied “Nothing, my mum told me I had to come”. At least he managed it on his own. Les saw a guy in Scunthorpe who insisted that his mother sat in on the interview. When asked what he thought his strengths were, he lifted up his arms, flexed both his biceps and said “These babies!”
A young man in the North East said he wanted a job “until something better turns up,” and a lad in Birmingham said he had to “go out to work because Mum and Dad don’t want me round the house”.
Some interviewees are unbelievably frank. Andy, our area manager in Northern Ireland posed the question “What is your greatest weakness?” “Timekeeping” was the reply. When asked to describe his personality a man in Derby replied “I hate people, I get wound up easily and if someone looks at me in the wrong way I smack them in the mouth”. A young lady in the Beverley Job Centre started her interview by asking “How long will this take? I need to sign on then meet my mate in the pub”.
Tony was interviewing a girl in Sheffield with the right sort of bubbly personality and carefully manicured nails, “I think I should point out,” said Tony, “it can be a dirty job at times especially in shoe repairs,” she winked as she replied, “don’t worry, I can be a very dirty girl.”
At some point most interviewers ask whether the candidate has any queries. Sid in the south east has had a couple of odd replies in the last few weeks. “I’m thinking of buying a pet” said one. “I’m not sure what it will be yet, but can I bring it to work?” “Can you tell me the way home?” said another “I can’t remember how I got here!”
Geoff explained our employee benefits to a jobseeker in Reading who asked “Could you put me down for a company loan as soon as I start work? I’m in a spot of financial bother.”
Jackie, interviewing a guy in Shrewsbury, asked, “Have you got any questions for me?” “Yes,” he replied, “would you like to go out with me for a drink later?”

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