Both private and public sector employers share the same problem:

– Line managers are not addressing poor performing employees.

– Middle managers are not addressing poor performing line managers.

– Seniormanagers/executives are not addressing poor performing middle mangers.

Because of this many employers have developed an organisational Culture where Poor performance is being accepted rather tha good performance being expected.

This has been an issue in industry for a long time and a problem that is very much on the Governments agenda.

But the questiuon is this; why is this critically important subject not on the HR agenda? This site is full of comments and discussions relating to engagement, diversity, talent, equality etc. but very little on poor performance.

Is it because HR feel that it is not their responsibility, it is a mangement problem not a HR one? Is it because the subject is not sexy enough or is it realy because poor performance is not as clear-cut as gross-misconduct and because of this HR advisors do not realy know what to do or advise?

There is an excellant comment from Ann Burley re: any answers question 3rd November – Termination of Employment Contract which many readers may have missed. Her comment:

"HR Advisors will tell you what you cannot do whereas HR Business Partners will tell you what you can do" could be right on the nail and worthy of more debate.

It is easy to blame bad mangement for the big problem we have today but is the root cause ‘discouragement’ rather than ‘encouragement’ from the HR/Legal people who advise them?