Hi everyone,

We have a small number of employees who come from Eastern Europe. Some of these speak quite good English and some speak a little. We do know that some are attending college to learn English.
My question is how would we deal with any disciplinaries etc. with the ones who speak little English? Or if we have a problem with their performance, how would we approach this?
This has not happened as yet but they are approaching the end of their probationary period and we usually sit down with the employees and discuss areas for concern (if any)and issue contracts (which are all in English).
We thought that they could be accompanied by the one who speaks English at these meeting so that he can translate, but is this the correct way to deal with this? Has anyone out there had the same problem? It would be interesting to hear how you dealt with this. Are there organisations who could help?
As always any help and advice appreciated.
marie smith

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