Many people working at my current employer have contracts stating that they are able to leave work on a Friday between the hours of 12:30noon and 1:30pm. They have very old contracts – however my contract states I must work 37.5 hours per week, or enough hours to get my job done.

How do I stand in relation to other contracts? Do I have the right also to leave at this time, if my job is done and I have already worked my 37.5 hours (I normally work on average 45-55 hours per week, more if travelling)Discrimination etc…

Can anyone clear this matter up for me please.

I have approached my manager who said that as a Manager I must be seen to work 9-5:30pm hours, even on a Friday (although I arrive into work at 8am and finish every night at 5:30pm normally without taking a lunch-hour.)

many thanks

B Sparks