We have a contract of employment which has a clause referring to WTD and then later in the contract there is a section for people to “opt out”. I have someone who is insisting on all references to WTD being taken out of his contract. I have pointed out that if he simply doesn’t sign the later clause he will continue to be covered by 48 hours etc and all parts of WTD or alternatively that he can “opt out” by signing. Unfortunatley he will not accpet this and is adamant that it be taken out. I’m reluctant to do this as I feel as ifthere needs to be some reference to WTD in the contract but is this correct or can I simply take all references out as he request/ I am anxious not “damage” the contract in any way as we have a lot of convenants in it for intellectual property etc. If you can help it would be appreciated if you can point me to the relevany part of the legislation as he will ask me for proof!!

Christine Hurst

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