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Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy

Strategic HR Academy Trainer and Learning Facilitator

I am a consultant, researcher, writer, trainer and speaker focusing on strategic people management and organisation design. I have worked in HR and change management for 20 years (including as an HR Director). I am based in the UK but have a global focus to my role.

I help HR departments raise the level of their ambition to have more impact in their businesses. This often involves developing innovative, value creating people management strategies, sometimes focused on the development of human, social and/or organisation capital (see my books / blog for more details on these outcomes).

I also design and implement strategic HR programmes, for example in talent management or culture change. And I help increase value in individual HR processes eg performance management.

I also help HR teams develop their own strategic capabilities.

My latest book is The Social Organization.

Main focus today is delivering and facilitating learning through the Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy.