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Matt Somers Coaching Skills Training Ltd

Founder & Managing Consultant

Matt helps managers get good at coaching within the areas people most want coaching on: Sales, Leadership and Communication.

He has been in the training and development business for most of his career, focusing on the idea of the ‘Manager as a Coach’ since 1994. His training programmes, books, articles and talks have helped hundreds of managers achieve outstanding results through their people and teams.

Working internationally, Matt has engaged with multiple high-performance businesses, including HSBC, Citigroup, Scottish & Southern Energy and Sage PLC, with a strong record of feedback and subsequent success.

More recently, his time working in the Middle East has seen him representing some of the world’s best brands in the work areas for which coaching is most often sought: Leadership Success, Sales Performance and Effective Communication.

To get in touch or find out more, please drop an email to [email protected] or feel free to call him on +44(0)7930553029