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Proforma Screening Solutions

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Pre Employment Screening Services

We offer pre employment background checks and background screening services to help bring the right people into your organization from day one. An experienced and trustworthy provider of employment background checks, our aim is to fill your comprehensive screening and employment verification needs with services that help you build a better workforce. 

In today’s business environment where your workforce must be lean, yet is expected to deliver more than ever, it is critical to have the right people in place. One misstep by an unqualified or dangerous employee can bring detrimental or catastrophic results to your reputation, your customers, fellow employees, and your brand.   

Pre Employment Background Checks and Employment Screening Delivers True Business Results.

A well-screened workforce is safer and more productive. And according to the US Small Business Administration, for every dollar an employer invests in pre employment screening services, the return on investment ranges from $5-16, resulting from improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover – and decreased employer liability.

To discuss your background screening program, request a meeting or call us directly at (866) 276-6161.  You can also visit our website at

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