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Linden Learning

Head of Coaching and Leadership with Linden Learning

Currently head of coaching and leadership with Linden Learning, Jane has 25 years of leadership and coaching experience, including in local and national government and as a Headteacher. For the past five years she has worked full time as a coach and coach trainer, helping clients to maximise their own potential and to learn how to unlock potential in other. 

Jane holds a post-graduate coaching Diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management and is a Senior Practitioner with the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC). She is also an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner and Action Learning facilitator. In her coaching, she seeks to provide a reflective space where her clients can overcome barriers and harness creativity to find solutions. Her style has been described as positive, forward moving, insightful, energizing and practical. 

As a former teacher it was a natural progression for Jane as a coach to become interested in coach training. She believes that with coaching practice leads theory by a long way, and her courses are highly interactive and responsive to the needs of the group. 

Jane’s current clients include schools, children’s centres, universities, local and national government, musicians, actors and artists.