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River Marketing

Managing Director

Phil has been in the performance improvement industry for all his working life.  He spent a number of years working for Maritz Travel before being appointed Account Director at Motivforce in 1996.  Phil was responsible for the retention and acquisition of Vauxhall Aftersales, IBM Global, BT, Nortel, Pioneer and NTL and by the time Motivforce became Skybridge in 2000, he was an Associate Director. 

At the beginning of 2003, Phil left Skybridge to become Managing Director of River Marketing, taking it from a new entity to billing £8.5 million in seven years. 

“I’m really proud of the approach we take. For us, it’s not simply about a ‘platform’. It’s about driving the performance of every one of our programmes and genuinely connecting with the audience. We have fun here, but we can only do that because our programmes deliver continually."

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