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Blog: Workforce career development survey – Initial findings


Thanks to all who have taken part in our career development survey so far.

Some 24 employers and 53 employees had participated when we took this cut of data.
We’re keeping the survey open and numbers continue to grow – here is the link to the employer survey, and here is the link to the employee survey. But we wanted to share some of the findings to date:
Frequency: 43% of employers said that career conversations between an employee and a manager took place annually or less frequently, compared to 50% of employees. At the other end of the scale 22% of employers said the conversation was more frequent than quarterly compared to just 7% of employees.
Tools: Here there was almost no difference between the groups with 39% of employers saying they had tools to monitor career development compared with 41% of employees.
Satisfaction: Only 24% of employees felt satisfied or very satisfied with the career development where they work compared with 39% for employers. Some 39% of employees chose dissatisfied and very dissatisfied compared to 35% of employers.
There are some interesting gaps here – I wonder if the lack of conversation frequency plus an absence of tools equals more dissatisfaction? We’ll be carrying out some interviews with HR folk on this subject soon – watch this space to see what they think.
Meantime the full set of figures can be seen here and we’ll share more results as the body of work continues to grow.
Doug Shaw is head of employee and customer engagement consultancy, What Goes Around.
We welcome any and all contributions from the community, so please feel free to share your views and opinions with us, your colleagues and peers via our blogs section.
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Doug Shaw


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