Self-management part one: How to recruit without managers

person standing on rock platform representing self management

In the first instalment of a three-part series on self management, ‘Powered by people’, Perry Timms and Kirsten Buck delve into recruitment and selection, looking at two unorthodox approaches to hiring in unorthodox organisations. What can we learn from these managerless, self-managed organisations?

Leadership development: Moving from good to great

Lake and Mountain

What can be done to transform your leadership programmes from good to great and shift the performance dial? Organisational development experts Dani Bacon and Garin Rouch provide crucial answers.

Three ways OD can help HR get the edge in 2024

brown rock formation in front of body of water

By building OD capability HR and people teams can help their organisations navigate the uncertainties of 2024. Here, Garin Rouch and Dani Bacon of Distinction Consulting, show us how.

Four ways HR can reinvent work in 2023


British-Hungarian Physicist Dennis Gabor once said “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.” So how will you invent HR’s future?