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What 30 reports are saying about HR in 2023

An expert round up key developments within the world of HR.

We know how swamped people professionals are right now. Keeping on top of the to-do list is tricky enough, let alone setting aside time to read through the swathes of new research and guidance reports coming out on the world of work.

That’s why HRZone has rounded up the experts to do the deep-dive work, so you can save time and focus instead on your people.

A deep dive into the world of work

This virtual session is the culmination of a six-month research project conducted in collaboration with Personio, People and Transformational HR Ltd and the Changing World of Work Group at Cranfield School of Management.

Having critically reviewed over 30 recent reports on the world of work, we’re ready to share a selection of our findings in this webinar (with more to come in our research report soon to be published).

Expert insights

Sharing their insights will be Emma Parry, Professor of HRM at Cranfield School of Management, Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer of People and Transformational HR Ltd, and Ross Seychell, Chief People Officer of Personio.

Join our session live on 14 June at 2pm BST, where we’ll uncover four key developments within the world of HR that you’ll want to keep on top of.

1. Evolving ways of working

Ways of working changed rapidly due to the pandemic. But where should we be heading now? Some organisations are consolidating their hybrid working practices, while more progressive businesses realise the need to experiment further.

Our speakers will be examining the various options on offer and how to approach employee autonomy in more nuanced ways.

2. Agile approaches to talent

We’re seeing a decline in job vacancies and an increase in job seekers, yet organisations still struggle to secure the skills and attract the people they need. At the same time, not enough is being done to invest in people’s development, leading to turnover rates that could be avoided.

Current approaches to talent management need to change, and our speakers will offer specific routes to greater agility, creativity and impact in this domain.

3. Design of future organisations

The explosion of generative AI offerings in 2023 brings an abundance of questions to the surface about the future of work. At the same time, we’re seeing unorthodox organisational designs emerge, and increasing importance placed on purpose.

We’ll offer a whistle-stop tour of what the future organisation looks like and how you can mobilise your own organisation to keep pace with change.

4. Health, wellbeing and burnout

Employee wellbeing got bumped to the top of the priority list during the pandemic, but has it fallen off the radar in 2023 so far?

Our speakers will talk about the ever-mounting toll on employees and why we must not let wellbeing slide in post-Covid times. Based on our literature review, three pertinent issues will be flagged as critical for employers to address in a timely and tailored manner.

Join us live on 14 June at 2pm BST to be the first to gain these vital insights and benefit from the chance to ask our speakers the questions you’d love to have answered.

Pending approval, you will also have the opportunity to claim a CPD point after watching the full live session.

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Becky Norman

Managing Editor

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