The importance of long-term support

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Employers should ensure that they have long-term support in place for those who need it as well as short-term, one-off services such as virtual GPs and EAPs.

12 HR and work predictions for 2024

HR predictions, crystal ball gazing.

What lies ahead for HR and the worksphere in 2024? We bring you predictions from experts in wellbeing, leadership, culture and transformational HR.

Four worrying signals for organisations in 2024

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What is already going awry in the world of HR as we kick off 2024? Leadership and change expert Blaire Palmer shares her big concerns and challenges leaders to tackle the big issues head-on.

‘Rust out’ vs Burnout: What is the difference?

white and black car in garage. burn rust.

Today marks Blue Monday – a day labelled the most depressing of the year. Psychologist and mental health expert Dr Audrey Tang lays out the signs and differences between burnout and companion term ‘rust out’, alongside how to address these issues.

Burning out of control: Are line managers in crisis?


Each New Year offers a chance to reflect on the one gone by, and 2023 has certainly been a chaotic and uncertain one. Although there are positive signs for the year ahead, we aren’t out of the woods just yet – especially for employees in the UK. In fact, the British Chamber of Commerce recently […]

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