First off, let me start this week by wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and abundant New Year. For those of you who have not yet decided upon your New Year Resolution, there is a growing body of evidence supporting the view that committing to understanding and developing our own authentic charismatic potential could well be the quickest and most effective way of creating more of whatever it is that we want in our lives!

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As we say goodbye to The 12 Days of Christmas and welcome the hope and optimism of the 12 months ahead in 2013, we want to give you 12 reasons why developing your charisma will yield 12 powerful personal benefits;

1)    Charismatic people are happier, and build more successful relationships. Charismatic leaders love life, and are celebrators, not complainers. (Joyce Bono, Organisational Psychologist, University of Minnestota)

2)    Charismatic people are healthier and less stressed, (Conscious Lifestyle –Facing your Stress, Deepak Chopra)

3)    Charismatic people get more of what they want in their lives, by appearing more authoritative, trustworthy, and more like a leader (Prof Antonakis, University of Lausanne)

4)    Charismatic People create more freedom for themselves and others and have more leeway to their behaviours than their non-charismatic counterparts. (Platow & Van Knippenberg 2001)

5)    Charismatic people feel more secure at work. Survey Results from UK Utilities Company showed an average 26% increase in ‘sense of security at work’. (Charisma Model Programme Dec 2012)

6)    Charismatic People are more persuasive because they understand how to build ‘pathos’ and create an emotional connection to a solid logical argument. (John Ramage, Writing Arguments 4th Edition)

7)    Charismatic people build higher engagement levels by shifting focus within their team or organisation from self-interest to collective interest. (Ball and Avolio, Journal of Psychology Volume 144, 2010)

8)    Charismatic people have higher levels of self-belief. Survey Results showed an average 33% increase in ‘Self Confidence/Self Belief’. (Audience With Charisma At The Globe, September 2012)

9)    Charismatic people achieve higher performance levels by stimulating a mindset of creativity, innovation and growth, and by providing guidance, direction and management .(John C Maxwell)

10)Charismatic people enable smoother and faster implementation of change initiatives by engendering co-operation and by fostering a sense of group belonging. (House and Baetz 1979)

11)Charismatic Leaders are more effective than their non-charismatic counterparts (according to a recent review of research reported in Harvard Business Review June 2012)

12)Charismatic Leaders find it easier to attract and retain talent (The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave)


Whether or not it fits within your own personal belief system, it was well reported that, on December 21, 2012, The Great Mayan Cycle was completed, and the beginning of a New World Age began. For many, December 21, 2012 was a clear marker of the transition of World Ages – a synchronization of the stars inviting all of humanity to open ourselves to the possibilities of positive transformation of consciousness within our human culture.


This year, as we internally align with our personal dreams and aspirations, whether or not we are conscious of any grand shifting of cycles, we can all contribute our personal inspiration and commitment to being part of this collective transformation of consciousness" simply by being the best that we can be, and by doing what we can to empower and enable those around us to do the same.


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