Even after you've established a presence on the social networks, there are many pitfalls and mistakes that can be easily made that will damage your brand. Setting and sticking to a few key guidelines can be the difference between continued success and putting a big dent in your efforts.

#1 Nip it in the bud

Even with the best will in the world, the occasional update by a friend or contact could prove damaging. Knowing how to stop this and ensuring that your privacy settings are up to date and correct is imperative in reducing the risk that these types of update pose. For example, in Facebook you can adjust your settings so that friends can’t tag you in a photo without your specific authorisation. The photo will appear on their timeline, but you won’t be shown as tagged on all of your other friend’s feeds. Making sure that only friends can see your feed on any social network is the first line of defense in controlling your online brand.

#2 Think twice

On all but the most innocent of updates, it’s always worth double-checking that you’re happy with the post content that you’ve written. Ask yourself if you’d be happy for your current manager, as well as any future prospective employer, to read the update. As long as you feel that this would be fine, go ahead and send the update.

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